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Buddy Media - ConversationBuddy - Deleting Facebook Posts

Knowledge Article Number 000187297
Description If a post is deleted on Facebook, is it also deleted in ConversationBuddy?
Resolution Deleting a post on Facebook does not delete the post from ConversationBuddy. However, if a post is deleted quickly after it is published, it may not appear in ConversationBuddy if it is deleted before the Facebook importer reaches it.  If the post has already been imported into ConversationBuddy, you must also delete the post from ConversationBuddy.

To delete a Facebook post in ConversationBuddy

1. Launch a ConversationBuddy column that contains the post you want to delete.
2. Hover your cursor over the post you want to delete.
3. Click the drop down arrow next to the flag and reply icon in the top right corner of the post.
4. Select Remove.
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5. Enter the names of any other users in your channel that you want to notify that the post is removed in the Notify Others ... field.  You may also add an (optional) message with more information. 
6. Click Confirm and Remove to finish removing the post. 

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