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Knowledge Article Number 000187303
Description How to edit “Choices or Text” within a Performance Summary Question with Workbench?
You can change the question choices after deployment of a performance summary cycle. To do that, login to Workbench and follow the steps below.
Please note: Changing the “Choices” will not change the choices of people who have already answered. Thus, if you edit a question using this method, there is a risk that already submitted answers would not match the updated question choices.
1. Select Queries
2. Chose SOQL Query from the drop down menu
3. Enter the query below in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below box:
SELECT Choices,Id,Number,Text FROM WorkFeedbackQuestion
4. Click the Query button
5. Find the Question you need to edit within Workbench and then choose the “View in Salesforce” link.
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5. When you are in Salesforce, click Edit
6. You will have a chance to edit the Choices and/or the question Text. Please place each Choice on a separate line (the code looks for “Newlines” between the Choices).

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Right click on the image to save it to your computer.

7. Click Save

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