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No link clicks show for a post in Buddy Media Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000187369
The link click metric in Buddy Media Analytics allows you to see the link click performance from your Tweets, posts, and tabs. If you do not see link click data in Buddy Media Analytics, review how you made the post and are viewing the metrics.
If there are no link clicks in Analytics showing for a post that contains a link, ensure that you:
  • Made the post from the Buddy Media. 
Link clicks are only calculated in Analytics for posts that are made from Buddy Media. 
  • Set your date range to include the day the post was made.
Link click metrics are displayed based on the date the post was made, not the day the link was clicked. They represent the total number of clicks on the post. To find link analytics for a post, set the date filter so that the post falls within its range. 

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