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How to get a list of service cloud console users?

Knowledge Article Number 000187384
Description I would like to know how to run a report on my Users to see how many and who has the Service Cloud Feature License on their User Record?  It seems this is not a selection for a column on any of the User Reports.
Resolution Currently we cannot create a report on a list of Service Cloud Users. 

The work around is to use the Apex Data Loader to export a list of users (with) or (with and without) the "Service Cloud User" option enabled.

The field on the user object which holds the "Service Cloud User" checkbox value is "USERPERMISSIONSSUPPORTUSER". Using the data loader, we can export a list of users with service cloud user checkbox enabled by adding a filter USERPERMISSIONSSUPPORTUSER=TRUE

This Column / Field does not show up when you are using the Data Export Services.  So Apex Data Loader is the only workaround as of now.

Vote for the current Idea in the Idea Exchange if you would like for this to be reviewed and possibly implemented by clicking the link below:
Gain the ability to report on Live Agent and Service Cloud users

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