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Access social accounts in Radian6 Mobile

Knowledge Article Number 000187399
Both Twitter managed accounts and Facebook managed accounts can be used in Radian6 Mobile. Your managed accounts must be registered through Social Account Manager  or in Social Studio to use them in Radian6 Mobile. 

Build a Managed Account Stack


1. Tap Add a Stack from the main menu.
2. Tap either Twitter Managed Account or Facebook Managed Account. 
3. Under "Associated Managed Accounts," tap +Add Managed Account  to add any registered social accounts you can access to your Stack.

-You can add social accounts that match the type of Stack you create. If you create a Twitter Managed Account Stack, you can add your Twitter social accounts to it, or you can add your registered Facebook social accounts to a Facebook Managed Account Stack.

4. Tap Save to view the Stack.

For information on Engage Columns in Social Studio Mobile, please see Social Studio Mobile.

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