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Salesforce Checkout access and features

Knowledge Article Number 000187504

Checkout is Salesforce’s self-service commerce portal where customers can view and accept published quotes, purchase new and add-on licenses, and view historical details. For more details see our Checkout User Guide.


Who has access to Checkout?

Users with the “Manage Billing” permission enabled in their Profile or in a Permission Set can log in to Checkout.

If you can't access Checkout, contact your administrator or reach out to Salesforce Customer Support using the steps in our "How to contact the Customer Service Billing Department" help article.

How to access Checkout

You can access Checkout in one of several ways: 

  • Select Checkout from the App drop-down menu in the upper-right of your Salesforce org.
  • Click Buy More Licenses in the "Company Information" section under Setup.
  • Go directly to Checkout using a link from an email or bookmark.

If your Account Executive has recently published a quote for your review, upon logging in using the Checkout link from the App Menu you will be taken directly to the quote.

Checkout features and functionality

From the Checkout home page you can purchase add-on products, contact Salesforce for assistance, and change your billing information.

Checkout also has tabs where you can access additional features:

  • Quotes - View historical and active quotes. You'll be able to accept and purchase any active quotes or view the details for inactive or purchased quotes.
  • Contracts - View the contracts that your account has with Salesforce. From the contract, you can view and modify billing details (and payment information if your contract is set up to pay via credit card).
  • Orders - View the orders your company has placed under your contract(s).
  • Installed Products - View summary data for all products deployed, grouped by contract and order number.
  • Statements - Query for invoices and payments for a specified time period.
  • Invoices - View all invoices your company has received under your contract(s).
  • Payments - View all payments your company has made on invoices received.
  • Credit Memos - View any credit or collections activity on your contract(s).

How to purchase products or features in Checkout

There are multiple ways to buy products, add-ons, or features in checkout:

  • Click Add More Products from the Checkout home page.
  • Click Create Another Quote from the Quotes tab (select additional quantities of product you currently own or click Show All Available Products to select from all products available under your contract).

Note: When adding products, you must enter a quantity in order to display the price you are eligible for under your contract. If your company has multiple contracts, you won't be able to add new products via self-service (contact your Account Executive for assistance).

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