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Buddy Media - Dashboard & Analytics - Best Practices for Contacting Support

Knowledge Article Number 000187524
Description Here are some of the items you should include when submitting a case to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Support.  This will ensure the Support Team has all the required information when you have any questions concerning Buddy Media Dashboard & Analytics.
Resolution Before submitting a case to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Support, refer to the below templates to make sure you are including all the details required for them to assist you. If excluded, Support will reach out to ask for this information so this can save some time for you to help them resolve your issue faster!

You can reach Support by emailing or if a critical issue, contact our toll free number (1-888-672-3426).

With all cases submitted to Support, please make sure you include the following if applicable:

1. Username and Account name used to login into the Buddy Media Suite.
2. Detailed description of your intended outcome. Please be as specific as possible about how you are drilling into the data (i.e. 
networks > facebook > "tabname "> set to time period 1/1/13 to 3/4/14)
3. Detailed description of what is occurring
4. What browser are you encountering the issue in?
5. URL for the section in Analytics experiencing an issue
6. Screen shot that captures the issue

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