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Internal Server Error received on trying to approve a record in a Approval Process Step

Knowledge Article Number 000187553
Description An Internal Server Error can be encountered if an approver tries to approve a record in an approval step.

This is primarily observed while trying to approve a step 'k' of the given Approval Process when the criteria for the (next) Step 'k+1' is not satisfied.

Here, 'k' is the 'step number' in the approval process.   
Resolution It is advisable to create a new approval process to prevent the possible "Internal Server Error" by following better practices which includes the following:

i) Avoid taking actions like adding more approval steps when in the previous approval step, it has been mentioned that : "approve the record if the criteria is not satisfied".
Or to elaborate, if Step 'k + 1' is no longer needed, then it should be removed. (k is the current step number). 

ii) If more approval steps are desired, it's better to specify the criteria as "else: go to next step". 
That is, if Step 'k+1' is still needed, then Step k will need to be configured such that the "else next step" logic is used on this step when it's criteria is not met, so that any records that do not meet the criteria in Step k, are then moved to Step k+1. 

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