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Radian6 - Managed Accounts - Test Account is Connected

Knowledge Article Number 000187573
Description As a best practice, after registering your Twitter Managed Account or changing your password for your Twitter Managed Account in Twitter, you should ensure the Twitter Managed Account is connected.

For information on how to Register your Twitter Managed Account you can view the Twitter Managed Account Guide that is located on the Engagement Console Quick Start.
Resolution There are two ways to check if the Managed Account is not connected.

1. The icon does not appear on the account in Social Account Manager
2. Using a Widget in the Analysis Dashboard

Icon in Social Accounts Manager

1. Log into Social Accounts Manager.
2. Check if the Managed Account Icon appears on your Twitter Managed Account.

An orange silhouette icon will appear on your Twitter Managed Account to designate it is a Managed Account. If it is not registering as a Managed Account, no icon will appear and it will be registered as a personal Twitter Account.
Radian6 - Managed Accounts - Managed vs. Personal Icon


Analysis Dashboard Widget

1. Log into the Analysis Dashboard using your Radian6 Credentials
2. Open up a Topic Analysis Widget
3. Select the Data Source as Twitter Managed Account

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Twitter Managed Account in Widget

4. Select the Twitter Handle listed under the Available Profiles.
5. Click the “+” button to move it to the Selected Profiles. If you receive the error below, the Twitter Managed Account is not connected:
Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Social Accounts Error

If the Twitter Managed Account is connected correctly, it will not show an error.

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