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Salesforce for Outlook Errors: Outlook is Missing the Category "Don't Sync with Salesforce" or Outlook is Missing the Category "Sync with Salesforce"

Knowledge Article Number 000187584
Description ISSUE:

When syncing Salesforce for Outlook, you might encounter the following error message:

Outlook is missing the category "Don't Sync with Salesforce."

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Resolution To resolve this you need to add the category "Don't Sync with Salesforce" to the mailbox in Outlook. To do this, follow the steps below:
To create a category, do the following:

1- Close Salesforce for Outlook from the system tray by right clicking on the icon and click on Exit

2- Click on the All Categories in Outlook

2-A) In Microsoft Outlook 2007 Click on Edit | Categorize | All Categories
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2-B) In Microsoft Outlook 2010, in any view, on the Home tab, in the Tags group, click Categorize, and then click All Categories.
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For calendar items, the Tags group appears on the Appointment or Meeting tab. For an open contact or task, the Tags group appears on the Contact or Task tab.

2-C) In Microsoft Outlook 2013, on the Home tab, click on Categorize button on the ribbon and click on "All Categories..."

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3- click on New on the Color Categories

4- Based from the error message, in the Name box, type "Don't Sync with Salesforce" or "Sync with Salesforce"
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5- Click the arrow next to Color, click the color that you want for this category

6- Click OK on the Add New Category and Color Categories dialog boxes.

7- Close and reopen Outlook and then run Salesforce for Outlook and try to sync again

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