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How can I optimize the page layouts for Salesforce1 mobile?

Knowledge Article Number 000187592
Description Salesforce1 displays the Detail page fields towards the top of the page layout first. This means that not all of the fields on a given Record Detail page will be shown once the page is loaded.
Resolution This is no Salesforce1 specific Page Layout.  Salesforce1 will display all supported fields from the Full Site.  In order to increase mobile usability for the Salesforce1 mobile experience, Admins can shift the most important and relevant fields towards the top of the page layout. These top fields will display when the Record Detail page loads. If users need to see more fields, users can swipe up where it displays 'Show More'. Users can swipe up to show more a few times.

NOTE: Page layouts containing hundreds of fields will not be able to display all fields.

Compact Layouts:
Admins can also utilize Compact Layouts to display KEY FIELDS within the Record Home page (only 3 currently) and also on the 'Mobile Preview Cards' shown via list views or search results. Admins can navigate to Compact Layouts within each Standard object admin settings and under each respective Custom object via the Compact Layouts related list. 

NOTE: Compact layouts also drive which fields appear in a feed item resulting from a create action.


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