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Why am I unable to link Opportunities to Campaigns?

Knowledge Article Number 000187599
Occasionally users will notice that when they create an Opportunity from the Opportunities related list on a Campaign, the Opportunity will not be related to said Campaign.

The common symptom is that after the Opportunity is created, it doesn't show up on the Opportunities related list on the Campaign, even though it was created directly from the related list. 
This might happen when the Primary Campaign Source field (in Opportunities) is not visible/editable to the user creating the Opportunity.

This field establishes the relationship between a Campaign and an Opportunity, and if it's not visible/editable, the Opportunity will be created but it will not be associated to the Campaign. 

To make this field visible/editable go to:
  1. Setup
  2. Opportunities
  3. Fields
  4. Click on Primary Campaign Source
  5. Click on Set Field-Level Security
  6. Tick the box for the profiles that this field should be visible/editable to.
  7. Click Save
Note: The field must also be added to the Opportunity page layout. 

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