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How to enable the App Launcher

Knowledge Article Number 000187600
Pre-requisite: Available in EE, UE, XE editions only

App Launcher is a Salesforce Identity feature that provides an easy to use SSO (Single Sign-On) portal to launch SSO applications. It’s a tabset app. Follow below steps to enable it for your users.
Resolution Step 1: For new org sign-ups, skip this step. For existing orgs, submit a case to enable “Enable Salesforce Identity” org perm on the org.

Step 2: Customer admin needs to enable “Use Identity Features” perm on the custom profiles or create a separate permission set with this permission enabled, and assign it to the users

Standard profiles
System Administrator profile - Enabled by default even though the checkbox is unchecked
Identity User profile - Enabled by default (if Identity licenses were provisioned into the org)
Rest of the standard profiles - can’t be enabled. Clone them to create custom profiles, and enable “Use Identity Features” permission. Or, use permission set instead.

Step 3: Customer admin needs to make the AppLauncher app visible from the profile or permission set. Below is an example of making it visible from a profile.

For - App Subscription (and any platform legacy license) users only, above step will fail as standard apps aren’t allowed for this license. Follow these steps to provide access to AppLauncher for users with this profile:

a) Go to Setup | Create | Apps, and create an App selecting “App Launcher” tab.
b) Assign it to the - App Subscription cloned profile where “Use Identity Feature” permission is enabled per step 2.

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