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Allow Admins to block files from being saved or shared via email with Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000187602
Description By default, Salesforce1 users are able to download files and share files using email. If you don't want to provide the ability to perform these actions, here's how you can make the change from
1.  Click Setup.
2. Under "Administer," click Manage Apps | then click Connected Apps.
3. Click Salesforce1 for iOS or Salesforce1 for Android.
4. Scroll down to the bottom where Custom Attributes are listed and click NEW.
5. Enter the following Attribute KEY: SHOW_OPEN_IN.
6. Enter the Value of FALSE
6. Click Save.


Keep in mind - It's important to use quotes " " around the value.

 In order for this change to take effect, users will need to logout and log back in. The recommended practice for this is for the admin to revoke all users. This can be done by blocking the application from the Connected App page. On the The Connected Apps OAUTH Usage page, the block button is on the far right side of the screen. Once this is done, all users will have their current session revoked and forced to login again. It's important for the admin to immediately unblock the application as to allow users to login once again.


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