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After a refresh of my dashboard, why does the Last Refresh Date still show in the past?

Knowledge Article Number 000187635
Description Occasionally, when a dashboard is refreshed the Last Refresh Date will not be updated to the most recent refresh.
This issue occurs when one or more of the reports sourcing components on the dashboard cannot be run by the Dashboard's running user. This typically occurs because the running user lacks access to one or more of the fields used to filter these reports.
To confirm which dashboard component may be impacted, you can follow the below steps.
1. Log into the environment as the running user.
2. Access the Dashboard in question.
3. Click into each of the components in use.
When you click through to the report you should be taken to the Report's results. When you have identified a troubled component, you will instead by routed to the Report Builder screen for the report. The offending component/report will instead take you to the report builder page for the report and likely display an error.
From here, you should be able to confirm which of the filters are no longer present by comparing the filter list with those of a user who is able to run the dashboard refresh appropriately.
Once the field is identified, please access the field in Setup and confirm it is accessible both in the "Field Level Security" and Field Level Accessibility" sections. 

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