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Cannot see Salesforce Calendar Event from "Today" in Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000187639

When you select "Today" from Salesforce1, only calendar events from the native phone calendar is showing.  

This is currently working as designed due to Product Limitations.

When you select "Today" from Salesforce1, it will only show the native calendar events.   Today does not pull events from the server. 

Additional Info:

Events are listed in cards that highlight key details, including the starting time, duration, location, and number of invitees.

When it’s time to prepare for a meeting, tap on its event card.

You can review the full list of invitees and any notes from the original invitation. And perhaps best of all, if 
Today finds that any invitees or the organizer have email addresses that match Salesforce contacts or person accounts, it creates links to those records so you can access customer details directly from the event.


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