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Scheduled Reports Limitations Considerations

Knowledge Article Number 000187650
Report limitations are broken-up into two types; Frequency and Total number of scheduled reports. 
1) Frequency is based upon your edition. It can be one report or two per hour, or one per hour off peak only.
2) Total number of scheduled reports is the same limit for all organization types and annotates how many reports can be scheduled in total for the organization: the maximum is 200 schedules.

You can review more information on these limits in ouSalesforce Reports and Dashboards Limits Per Edition knowledge base article.
Learn best practices for scheduling your reports per edition, below. 

What does this mean to me?

  • Based on your edition, you can schedule between from 3 to 48 reports per day.   
  • For Professional Edition, unless you purchase additional scheduled reports per hour, you will be able to have a maximum of 93 scheduled reports per month and would be very hard to reach the 200 schedules as organization limit (you might have a very high number of scheduled reports with no future runs). 
  • For Enterprise Edition, you could reach the 200 limit in as little as 8 days.
  • Unlimited and Performance Editions, you can reach the 200 limit in as little as 4 days. 
  • In Professional Edition, each user may schedule up to 3 reports (max one per hour, at times selected by the server, between 6pm and 3 am only). Enterprise and Unlimited Edition users may schedule up to 24 reports each. 

What counts towards my limit?

Each individual report.  

Example 1: All of the following count 1 against your total: 
  • If you have a report that you've scheduled to go out once a month.
  • If you have another report that goes out every Monday. 
  • If you have a report that goes out Monday through Friday.
  • If you have a report to go out every day (Sunday through Saturday).  

If you've set up reports like this, all at once, then you have used 4 of your 200.

Example 2: You could reach your limit without using any of your time slots. 
  • If you have a report that is scheduled to go out at a specific time but is no longer valid (only schedules in past dates, hence no future runs) and you don't unschedule it, then this will count towards your 200 limit.
Good to know: It's a best practice to unschedule reports if they have no future runs scheduled. This will help ensure that if you want to extend the schedule after completion, you have easy access to the report. 
  • If you have a report that you want to have sent out quarterly, which is not an option to set up for a schedule, you can set it up to send out one time to those who need it. Then when the quarter is done you can go in and schedule it to go out again one time.

How can I avoid reaching this limits?

  • You can reach out to your Account Executive about purchasing more scheduled reports.  
  • Carefully select the reports you want to schedule and try to find the correct balance between frequency and number of schedules (sending the report more often will impact the maximum number of reports sent per hour, while scheduling a similar report multiple times might affect the maximum number of scheduled reports per organization). 
  • Unschedule from any reports that have no future run.

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