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Why are some Chatter Publisher Actions missing from the Chatter Tab?

Knowledge Article Number 000187651
With the new feature Chatter Publisher Actions released, you might notice that some of  your Chatter Publisher Actions (Post, File, Link, and custom actions) are missing when accessing the Chatter Tab or Home Tab, even if these are added to the Global Layout assigned to your profile. 
This can happen if the User object publisher layout (Go to: Setup -> Customize -> Users -> Page Layouts.  For layout, click “Edit”.  Look at “Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher” section or “Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions” section) has a different set of actions assigned to it or Global Action was created before the Object record type. Normally, publisher actions are inherited from the global publisher layout and you can override them by configuring a specific object layout. 

The user object layout however, will override the default chatter Tab or default Chatter page from Home Tab layout.

Say you have the following scenario:
  • Created Global Action to create a Lead
  • Assigned the Global Action to the Global Layout
  • The User publisher layout does not include the Create Lead Global Action
Result: The Create Lead global action will not show up on the Chatter or Home tab publisher. 

If you add the Create Lead global action to the User publisher layout, this action will show on the  Chatter or Home tab publisher. 


Edit the Action to see if there is an assigned record type if you have a just created a record type for that Object.

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