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Disable Chatter App View For The Entire Org

Knowledge Article Number 000187666
Description Users accessing website on iPad are taken to Chatter app view - is there any way to disable this for the whole org so that users do not have to override the option individually?
Resolution After Dreamforce'13, this is enabled by default to all the Orgs. This view is called the Salesforce1 view. In order to disable it, the Salesforce System Admin has to perform the following steps:

1) Go to Setup
2) Administration Setup
3) Mobile Administration
4) Notifications
5) Salesforce1
6) Uncheck "Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app". 

- If you do not wish to disable access to the web view of Salesforce1 for the entire org, you can advise users to use /home/home.jsp on the end of their instance URL to return to the default Aloha view of Salesforce. Additionally, if you are in the Web View in the Stage Left menu panel above the Logout option (scroll down via your Apps/Objects), you can select the "Full Site" option to access the Aloha view.
e.g. or (replacing the na1 with your instance).

- Mobile browser support for LEX & Classic UI is not supported. Please see the below article:
Support for Lightning Experience or Classic UI on mobile browsers

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