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Can I freeze/unfreeze multiple users at once?

Knowledge Article Number 000187696
Description In Winter '14, Salesforce introduced a new feature to allow you to freeze a user account. This is intended to be used in situations where the user account requires more work before deactivating it.

You can read more about this feature here, which describes how to do this for one user via the UI:
Freeze or Unfreeze User Accounts

It is also possible to freeze multiple users at once, by using the API version 29.0 and later.
Resolution The User property "Frozen" is controlled in the object "UserLogin" by the field "IsFrozen".

IsFrozen is a boolean field so it is either "true" (frozen) or "false". 

An administrator should use Apex Data Loader version 29 or later to update the UserLogin Object otherwise, if it's lower than version 29, user will not have access to the UserLogin Object.

  1. Run an Export using DataLoader from the UserLogin object (Note: tick the "Show all Salesforce objects" checkbox)
  2. Select the Id, UserId, IsFrozen fields
  3. Edit the csv file and change the IsFrozen field to TRUE for any users you want to Freeze or FALSE to unfreeze.
  4. Run an Update using DataLoader on the UserLogin object and use the updated csv file you created above.

Note: Use the Id of the UserLogin record, rather than the UserId to update the records. 

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