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Buddy Media - ConversationBuddy - Posts Not Visible to All Users on Facebook

Knowledge Article Number 000187731
Description My Facebook page settings do not restrict who can see the Page's posts. Why are some Facebook users not able to see some posts that are made from ConversationBuddy?
Resolution Even if your Facebook Page is not restricted, using Language and Country Gating when composing a post in ConversationBuddy will restrict who can see the post when it is posted to your Page. Follow these steps to determine whether a post has country or language gating applied:

1. Locate the post in your ConversationBuddy column. 
2. Click the post to open the inspector panel.
3. Select the Info tab (this is opened by default when you select a post in a ConversationBuddy column).
4. See the language and country settings under This post is targeted to:.
5. Click Show more to see the full list. 

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