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Update the Salesforce Organization ID associated with a Social Hub rule

Knowledge Article Number 000187741

It's important to ensure that you have the correct Salesforce Organization ID selected in a rule to successfully send posts to Salesforce. Follow the below steps to check if the correct Organization ID is associated with your rule and select a different one if necessary. 


Check your Organization ID connection

1. Log in to
2. Go to Rules.
3. Locate the rule you're using in the list of available rules.
4. Click the wrench icon to view the configuration of your rule. 
5. Under Actions, locate "Send to Salesforce." 
6. Ensure the correct Salesforce Organization ID is selected.
7. If you select a different Salesforce Organization ID, remember to click Update Rule to save your changes.

Note: If the correct Salesforce Organization ID is not listed under "Select a Salesforce Organization," you can add a new Salesforce Organization in Connections | | Add Another Salesforce Organization

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