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Creating Events On Salesforce1 Using Publisher Actions

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If you would like to have your users create Events using Publisher Actions on Salesforce1, you need to create an "Action" in each of the Objects (Contacts, Accounts, Etc.) and add it to the Page Layouts under the Publisher Actions area.

To enable the Publisher Actions area on Page Layouts, navigate to Setup | Customize | Chatter |Settings. Click Edit and Enable Publisher Actions at the bottom of the page. Click Save to finish.

Navigate to the Object that you’d like to add the Action to, Setup | Customize | <Object> | Buttons, Links, and Actions. Click the New Action button. Fill out the fields similar to the below example.

  1. Action Type – Create a Record
  2. Target Object – Event
  3. Label – This will show on the action
  4. Standard Label Type – None
  5. Name – This will be auto filled
  6. Description – Give a brief description of what this action does
  7. Click Save

 User-added image

User-added image

Now you need to add your new Action to the Page Layout under the same object, Setup | Customize | <Object> | Page Layouts.
If you have more than 1 Page Layout you'll need to add this action to any Layout that needs this Action.

Choose one of the Page Layouts and click Edit. In the top left corner you will see a list that included "Actions" Click that. The right window will show a list of actions. The one you created earlier should be listed. Drag this box to the area that says "Publisher Actions". You can choose where it shows in the lineup. After you drop it there, click Save at the top.
Note: You do not want the one labeled "New Event", you want the one you created which may be called "Event".

User-added image

You should now be able to view a Record on Salesforce1 and press the [+] button and see your Event Action listed. You can now create an Event related to this Record.

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