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Portal or community users can't see Activity history on their accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000187772
Description Portal or community users can't see other external user's activity history on accounts and can only see activities that they own.
Resolution On the activities there is a field called Public and this determines whether activities owned by external users are visible within the community. 

To work around this and make all tasks visible to community users (depending on whether they can access the related to record) you can do the following:

Create workflow rules on Event and Task objects each:

* Rule criteria: Public equals False
* Evaluation criteria: Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria
* Immediate workflow actions: Event/Task field update. (Public equals True)

Please note that you might have to update all existing Activity records by setting the "Public" field to TRUE and you may also need to update the field-level security on the field to ensure your profile has access.

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