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SalesforceA Overview

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SalesforceA is a mobile app for Salesforce administrators. It allows you to perform essential administration tasks like resetting passwords, freezing users, and assigning permission sets.

To use SalesforceA, you must have the "Manage Users" and "API Enabled" permissions. 

Downloading SalesforceA
  • Launch App Store/Google Play on your iOS/Android Device
  • Search for SalesforceA
SalesforceA iTunes

Logging Into SalesforceA
Log in to your Salesforce account on production (default), sandbox, or a custom host. The host menu allows you to choose the correct host.
  • For iOS users, open the host menu from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the login screen.
  • For Android users, open the host menu from your device's menu button, which may be a physical button or an onscreen button indicated by three vertical dots.
Depending on your organization's security settings, you may be prompted to enter a passcode as an additional layer of security for your mobile device. In the Salesforce desktop browser application, this security setting is managed from Setup in the Connected App entry for SalesforceA.

Once you log in, you'll see the home screen.
SalesforceA Overview Tab

Working With SalesforceA
Here are some of the key features of SalesforceA.

Multiple logins
  • Simultaneously log in to as many organizations as you want
  • See whether each organization is production or sandbox
  • See each organization’s edition
SalesforceA Multiple Org Accounts

Manage users from your mobile device
  • Freeze or deactivate users
  • Reset users' passwords
  • View or edit users' details
  • Assign permission sets to users
  • View users' login histories
SalesforceA Manage Users

Quick access to system information
  • Upcoming scheduled maintenance
  • Current system status
  • Salesforce release notes
SalesforceA Resources Tab

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