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Feed (or People or Groups) not visible in Navigation Menu with Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000187790
Description ISSUE:  After upgrading previous versions of Chatter to Salesforce1, the Feed (or People or Groups) is no longer visible within Navigation Menu.  These menu items were visible with previous versions of Chatter.

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Resolution On affected users Salesforce Profile, under Tab Settings, ensure that setting for "Chatter", "People", and "Groups" is NOT set to "Tab Hidden".  If set to "Tab Hidden", these tabs/items will NOT be visible within Navigation Menu on Salesforce1.

Also, under Setup > Administer > Mobile Administration > Mobile Navigation, ensure that Feed, People, and Groups are "Selected" as Navigation Menu Items.

*** NOTE:  With Salesforce1, Navigation Menu Items are displayed based on what the API describes and should more closely respect a user's web-site (profile) settings.  With previous versions of the Chatter product, Navigation Menu Items were hardcoded, thus Feed, People, and Groups would always be displayed (regardless of a user's web-site settings).

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