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Salesforce1 - Are Custom Buttons/Links Supported in the Salesforce1 App?

Knowledge Article Number 000187793
Resolution Custom Buttons/Links ( ie: URL redirects) are now fully supported in Salesforce1 if their "Content Source" is Visualforce or URL from Spring'16 Release - Please Click Here to read the release notes. This is available in both Mobile Browser version and Hybrid Applications

The Visualforce page must also have the "Available for Salesforce Mobile Apps" checkbox checked.

Please see the below article for more information on what data is supported in Salesforce1:  
Salesforce Customizations in Salesforce1: Limits and Differences from the Full Salesforce Site​

******PLEASE NOTE******

If you use URL custom buttons or links to pass parameters to standard pages in Salesforce Classic—such as pre-populating fields when creating a record—or passing Report parameters from a custom link, this behavior doesn’t work in Salesforce1 or Lightning Experience.

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