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Remove linkage between stage and probability

Knowledge Article Number 000187810
Description There is dependency between stage and probability, once select stage, probability will be auto changed, even user has modified the probability as other value before, but it will be also rewrite with default value link to stage. Is it possible to remove the dependency between these two fields?

Stage and Probability cannot be unlinked, this relationship is hard-coded.The Probability value is always updated by a change in the Stage value, even if Probability is marked as read only on your page layout. Users with access to edit this field can override the value. What you could do, as a workaround, is overwrite the Probability values according to the Stage.

The opportunity Stage affects the Probability values of an opportunity. As users change the stage of an opportunity, the Probability fields are automatically changed to the values you specify during setup.

To update opportunity stages, click Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Fields, and select Edit next to the Stage field.

* To create a stage, click New. To edit a stage, click Edit next to the stage. Enter the stage name, probability of closing, type, forecast category, and description.

* To deactivate a stage and move it to the inactive list, click Del next to an active stage. On the mapping page, do not map the stage to another existing value; simply click Save.

Inactive stages are stages that are no longer in use but may exist in older opportunity records.
* To delete a stage completely, click Del next to an active or inactive stage. Map the deleted value to another active stage. If you do not map the deleted value, the stage is moved to the list of inactive stages.
* Click Reorder to change the sequence of picklist values.
* Click Replace to change the values of picklist fields in existing records.
* Click Printable View to open an easy-to-print list of your picklist values.
* Click Chart Colors and select an option to assign colors to picklist values for use in charts

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