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Radian6 - Summary Dashboard - Time zone considerations

Knowledge Article Number 000187835
Description How time zones are used and applied in the summary dashboard.
Resolution Preset date ranges:

Preset ranges of 7 Days, 14 Days and 30 Days are based on AST (UTC-4:00). Each full day in the range runs from 12:00am AST to 11:59pm AST. 

Custom Date:

The Custom Date function sets the window from 12am AST of the starting date, through 11:59pm AST of the ending date.

Time Series:

Time series plots such as Volume Trend are labeled according to the user's time zone.


The user's time zone is in EST, and sets the Custom Date to June 5 to June 7. Queries are set to the range June 5, 12am AST to June 7, 11:59pm AST. However, time series plots will show data points in the user's time zone - from June 4, 11:00pm EST to June 6, 10:59pm EST.

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