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Switch between Salesforce1 app and Full Site on a mobile browser

Knowledge Article Number 000187858
Description Note: Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience are not supported in any mobile browsers.

This is applicable only when you have the below permission enabled for your org and are using the mobile based browser version of Salesforce1:
Setup > Mobile Administration > Salesforce1 > Salesforce1 Settings > Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app

If the above permission is enabled for your org, whenever you login to Salesforce via a mobile browser, you will be directed to the Salesforce1 mobile browser app.
Resolution In order to switch over to the Full Site:

From the left panel, scroll down till you find 'Full Site', tap on it view the full site.

Go to Full Site

Now from the full site if you want to go back to the Salesforce1 app, You need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and locate the link 'Go to Salesforce1' (Found towards the bottom right corner of the screen)

Full Site in Mobile Browser


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