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Why are some of my records not showing up after importing them?

Knowledge Article Number 000187883
Description I have used the Data Import Wizard to import and some of my records have not imported even though I was advised via email that the import completed.
Resolution Note: This not only applies to the Data Import Wizard but also when performing an operation with the Data Loader if it's used in Bulk API mode via Settings | Settings | "Use Bulk API"

In order to view how many records have imported you will need to go to the Bulk Data Load Job Details. The click-path is as follows:

Click on your Name | SetupMonitoring | Bulk Data Load Jobs or Jobs

Now you will need to locate your import Job ID best way is by the Start Time.

Locate Records Processed and subtract it by Records Failed.  This will tell you how many records were created.

Usually Records Failed is due to mapping issues including CSV fields missing data prior to import.

It is always best to review your CSV file and look at the fields you have available and required for the object you are importing to.

That way you will know if there are any custom fields you need to create in your object or add additional information to your CSV file for your required fields.

This is so your records will create and you won't run into any error messages.

If you continue to have issues you may consult Salesforce Support.

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