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Encryption Key error in Sandbox | Encryption Key Unavailable

Knowledge Article Number 000187888
Description While performing any action in Sandbox receiving Error like :

Encryption Key Unavailable 
The encryption key number 1 used to encrypt this data was deleted. Contact your administrator to get access to the data. 

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 The issue requires to create new keys/archive the Encryption Key for which you need to follow the below steps : 

To archive your current key and create a new key: 
  • Click Your Name | Setup | Security Controls | Certificate and Key Management. 
             -    Click Archive  Current Key and Create New Key. 
  • A warning message displays letting you know you are changing keys. Click OK. 
  • A new key is generated, assigned the next sequential number, and activated. 
  • All new data is encrypted using the new key. Existing data continues to use the archived key until the data is modified and saved. Then data is   encrypted using the new key. 

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