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Permitted profiles not able to connect to Connected Apps

Knowledge Article Number 000187899
Description Issue :

Permitted profiles not able to connect to Connected Apps. In 'Connected App' section, I have enabled permitted users by setting 'Admin approved users are pre-authorized'. Still users have to grant access manually to connected app. I am facing this issue at Sandbox. Please look into it. 

Steps to replicate:

1. Create a connected app and set up setting of "Permitted Users" as "Admin approved users are pre-authorized".

2. Add all the Profiles under manage Profiles in Connected App,

3. Create a new User and try to access connected app in that User log-in,you would get a message to manually allow the User to access the Connected App.

 Important Note: - It is only problem when new User is created, it is not with existing Users.
Resolution Basically an issue  is with  the content of  app is loaded through an iframe, so the browser expects
that a GET request sent to the URL specified in the src attribute of the iframe returns content (HTTP 200),
instead of a redirection (HTTP 30x). 

If a redirection is returned the iframe will be blank, which can be reproduce using this simple HTML markup: 

<iframe src=""/> 

There should not be use of  redirection with iframe, else will cause this issue.


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