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How can I archive my Leads?

Knowledge Article Number 000187905
Description We have a lot of leads and they are taking up significant amount of our storage space.  How can Salesforce archive these leads for us?
Resolution Salesforce standard functionality currently does not support Lead archiving.

However here is the most common workaround.
  • Export Leads (Using Apex Dataloader or Data Export Services)
  • Save your Exported Lead csv file to your computer or external device.
  • Delete the Leads from your org that you have archived.
  • Manually manage those Leads.
  • When the exported Lead(s) starts to look more promising import them back into
  • Then you will be able to convert those Leads into Accounts, Contacts, and possibly Opportunities.
This will then allow you to free up some space in your org.  If you don't want to delete your Leads that have cooled off or want you to get back to them in a year or more.

Also here is a link to the Idea Exchange for this Idea.

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