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Radian6 - Radian6 for Salesforce - Social Account Profile Sharing

Knowledge Article Number 000187972
Description If you are using Radian6 for Salesfore, you can choose to share your social accounts with specific Salesforce user roles in your Org. Follow these steps to share social accounts with a specific Salesforce user role. 
Resolution Important note: You must be a Salesforce System Administrator in your Org to complete the steps to make changes to social account profiles.

To share social accounts:

1. Go to Setup |  Installed Packages | Radian6 for Salesforce.
2. Click Configure.
You are taken to Manage Social Networks.
3. From the Add them to drop down menu, choose the Salesforce profile type that you want to give access to the social account(s).
4. Select any Twitter or Facebook social accounts you want to share in the left column.
5. Click the Add arrow to move the social accounts to the list in the right column.
Any social accounts listed in the right column are shared with the Salesforce profile selected in the Add them to field.
6. Click Save.

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