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How can I implement automated milestones to my entitlements?

Knowledge Article Number 000188001
Description I would like to make my milestones automated through a Workflow Rule or is there an option within the Milestone to make it automated?

Currently this is not an option through Workflow Rules or through the Milestone itself.

There is an Idea in the Idea Exchange where you can vote and add a post to the Idea at the link below:

Also in this Idea there is reference sample coding for Apex Triggers that can accomplish the automated milestones.  

Some Examples:
-Auto-completion of Case Milestones with triggers [Trigger on Case Comment] [Trigger on Email Message] 


-Auto-completion Resolution Time Milestones with triggers 


Note: Please contact you AE if you are not comfortable writing or implementing custom code.  Your AE can get you a consult with a Professional Services to quote you the expected cost to complete your desired task.

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