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Insufficient Privileges Error on Content

Knowledge Article Number 000188037
Description User can see the CRM Content Library page, but can't see any documents in the library, and when handed a hard link to a Content document, User receives Insufficient Privileges error.
The user has the following related permissions:
  • The user has the Salesforce CRM Content User license.
  • The library has 1 or more Public Groups set as members
  • The user is part of 1 or more of the Public Groups as a manager of a member (the group grants access using hierarchies).
Resolution The cause of the issue is that the user must be a direct member of a public group in order to be included in the library, not just a member through hierarchies, even though the user shows up in all member lists - he/she isn't formally a member, for CRM Content purposes.

To resolve the issue, do any of the following options:
  • Manually add the user to the library
  • Create a Public Group just for Managers, add the manager users, and add the group to the library
  • Add the user explicitly to the Public Group.
See About Groups for more general information on how Public Groups operate, or Creating and Editing Groups for information on managing them.

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