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Salesforce1 - Today sync overview

Knowledge Article Number 000188049
Description Some Users do not wish to sync Mobile calender events(Local events on device) with the Today app in Salesforce1
Resolution Please follow the steps below once you are in the Salesforce1 app :

 - Select the Today app from the left pane
 - Once in the App, you will see the settings icon on the bottom right. (users will need to scroll down to bottom of page on iOS and choose the settings from the Android menu button)
 - You could uncheck all the options that you do no wish to sync with the Today app and save.

This will make sure the local events (on the mobile device) do not sync with the TODAY calendar integration app in Salesforce1.

Please Note
When logging out of Salesforce1 the Today feature loses connection with your mobile device's calendar.  You may be prompted to authorize the connection again. 

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