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Salesforce-to-salesforce: Validation rule delays future updates to a shared record

Knowledge Article Number 000188060
Description If a record is shared with another org, the record being created in the receiving org can hit a validation error. The same can be said for updates to an existing record. This would result in the record not being created or updated.

The validation error would be seen in the receiving org by checking the connection history from the connections tab.
Resolution As a result of any validation error being hit, the system will retry to create / update the record in 2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs, 16hrs and 32 hrs. So max 5 times. If the validation error is still hit after these 5 times, then no further updates on that record would go through. Should the record be updated on the publishing org in such a way that the record would no longer trigger any validation error, then it would have to wait for the next retry interval before the update went ahead.


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