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Sizing Logos in HTML Email Letterheads

Knowledge Article Number 000188073
Description My logo is currently too wide. What is the recommended width (in pixels) for the logo image to be used in letterhead?
When creating a Letterhead in Salesforce CRM, it is possible to add a logo image of any size to the header area of the letterhead. 

However, the underlying HTML code of the header, body, and footer elements of the letterhead are assigned a fixed width. If the logo is wider than this default dimension, the message body and header for any HTML email templates created from this Letterhead may become out of alignment.
The widths and heights of the header and footer areas of email templates created using the HTML (Using Letterhead) option are a fixed pixel dimension inherited from the Letterhead:
  • Width: 550 pixels (fixed)
  • Height: 100 pixels (default); valid values include all whole numbers from 0 to 999 pixels.
It is also important to keep in mind that because of the way that HTML letterheads are rendered by most browsers and mail clients, if the included logo is wider or taller than the dimensions defined, the image will be allowed to override those default dimensions, and will render the email so that the header matches the width of the image, while the body of the message - which is a separate HTML table entity from the header area - will continue to be rendered at the default width.

In addition, some older browsers and mail clients, including versions of Internet Explorer may not behave this way, and may instead truncate the image to match the width of the header area.
So one strategy, for best compatibility with the widest range of HTML-capable mail viewers, would be to size the logo in a graphics editing program so it measures 550 pixels wide and constrain the proportions of the image. This will allow the graphics editing tool to compute image height so that the image maintains its original proportions.

Then the height value of the Letterhead's header can be adjusted to match the new height of the logo. 
Note: Because it includes no predefined formatting options, the Custom (without using Letterhead) HTML email template option allows for complete formatting control over the contents of each message.

Also Note: Salesforce does not offer support for any external image editor nor do we have one native in our application. We offer this article as information only so that our customers are aware of the limitation and can adjust for it.

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