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Unable to track gained or lost User Permission in Profile

Knowledge Article Number 000188095
If you're unable to track a gained or lost User Permission to a profile using Setup Audit Trail, this would indicate that the modification to the profile was done by a Change Set. 

Validate modification by Change Set

The ability to change a User Permission using Change Sets has been standard functionality since Winter '14, here's how you can validate the source of a change. 
  • Check the Setup Audit Trail - See if any Change Sets were deployed from Sandbox to Product, or whatever the affected environment is. 
  • Review Inbound Change Sets node - See if there is a Sandbox with the same Profile that has the additional permission and if the change has been propagated from Sandbox to the other environment via Change Sets. 

NOTE: Changes to User Permissions made via Change Sets don't get tracked in the Setup Audit Trail. If this is functionality you'd like to see added, vote for the idea on IdeaExchange.  

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