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Creating Dynamic Lists using Pardot

Knowledge Article Number 000188307

These are the steps found on the Pardot Support site on how to build dynamic lists. Dynamic lists can be useful when sending campaigns to contacts with specific criteria. The complete details can be found on:

Pardot User Guide: Dynamic Lists



  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation >Lists.

  2. Click + Add List.

  3. Check the Dynamic List checkbox.

  4. You will see Dynamic List Rules. This is where you will specify the criteria that prospects should meet in order to be added to the dynamic list.

  5. From there you can select the Match Type:

    • Match All – All aspects of the rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).

    • Match Any – Only one aspect of the rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).

  6. Add or Remove Rules by click the plus or trashcan icons. You can also add multiple criteria in a single line by separating each value with a semicolon, which uses OR logic (“Match Any”) when selecting a positive operator (“contains” or “is”). If a negative operator is selected (“doesn’t contain” or “isn’t”), then it uses AND logic (“Match All”) due to boolean logic.
    Notes: The text field is limited to 255 characters, so you may have to split up very large rules into several lines.
    If you want the rule to match values that include a semicolon, you will need to add quotes around the value (i.e. ”this has a ; semicolon in it”).
    Select the “- ANY -” criteria option for forms, form handlers, landing pages, files and custom redirects rather than listing out every item separately.
    If you are using the “Prospect account field” rule, prospects must have an account in order to match, even if the rule uses the “doesn’t contain”, “isn’t”, or “is empty” options.

  7. Click Save List to create the dynamic list

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