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Empty River of News Spawned from Radian6 Influencer Widget

Knowledge Article Number 000188340
Description The Radian6 Influencer Widget shows On-Topic Posts for one of my Influencers, but when I launch a River of News it says 'No matching posts for this widget's selected profile(s)'. 
Resolution The Influencer Widget uses either 50,000 posts or 6 months of data to produce its results (whichever comes first). For example, if you have an Estimated Monthly Volume (EMV) of 5,000 then the Influencer widget would use 6 months of data (30,000 posts). If your EMV was 20,000, it would only use two and a half months of data.

Although the Influencer Widget accesses up to 6 months worth of data to produce its results, the River of News only displays the most recent 90 days of data. Therefore, any content older than 90 days would not appear in the River of News. If an Influencer has not published any on-topic posts in the last 90 days, the resulting River of News would display a message of 'No matching posts for this widget's selected profile(s)'.

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