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Workaround to Include attachment in Web-to-case

Knowledge Article Number 000188389
Description How to achieve requirement of including attachments when cases are submitted via web-to case or when a lead is created via Web-to-lead.
Resolution With standard functionality it is not possible to include attachments when cases are created via web-to-lead. However, following are the two workarounds to achieve this requirement:
  1. Implement Visualforce pages in Sites. The VF page (may be with an Iframe ) would contain the standard Case fields you wish to include, in addition to an Attachment upload capability. Once saved, a new case record would be created in Salesforce with the related attachments.
  2. Using web services API implementation.
Similarly we can implement this functionality for web-to-lead.

There is an existing idea on IdeaExchange portal for implementation of this idea.

Idea link:

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