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Outlook records do not sync after changing Sync configuration from Manual to Automatic

Knowledge Article Number 000188397
Description ISSUE

After changing your Salesforce for Outlook sync configuration from Manual to Automatic, you might notice that your Outlook records are still not syncing with Salesforce. 

Sync Method Labels
SFO v2.2.x thru 2.7.x SFO v2.8.x and later
Manual Sync Only the Outlook items I Select
AutomaticSync All Outlook items
Resolution Possible Cause

This happens when you install Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) and choose Manual as your sync configuration during the initial SFO wizard.

SFO Version 2.2.x thru 2.7.x
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SFO Version 2.8 and later

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Since this configuration requires for records to be manually categorized as "Sync with Salesforce", turning off this setting will leave all records in a "Don't sync with Salesforce" status, hence they will not be synchronized with Salesforce even though the configuration is now set to Automatic (Sync All Outlook items).

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You can fix this by following these steps:
1.Open Outlook
In Outlook 2007, click on the Contact folder then click on View | Current View | By Category

In Outlook 2010 and 2013, click on the View tab then click on Change View and select List

2.Now you should see a Category column

3.Select all the records categorized as "Don't sync with Salesforce" by holding down the Alt key on your keyboard and clicking on each contact or to select all, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select the first contact and then scroll down and click on the last contact

4.Then right click on one of the selected contacts

5.Click on the Categorize option on the pop up menu
6.Select "Don’t Sync with Salesforce” category to uncheck it 

After this, you should be able to sync these records with Salesforce. For more information about these two categories and the manual vs automatic sync, please visit this article Salesforce for Outlook sync method - Manual vs Automatic


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