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Salesforce Classic renamed to SF Classic

Knowledge Article Number 000188542
Description Approximately during the week of Feb 10th, 2014, the Salesforce Classic application name will be changed.
Resolution The iOS Salesforce Classic application has been renamed to SF Classic for iTunes starting with v4.6.9. Android Salesforce Classic has not been affected by this name change.
Salesforce1 is the new Salesforce mobile experience and we recommend that new mobile users install this app instead of the legacy Salesforce Classic app.  To help promote Salesforce1 as the preferred Salesforce mobile app, the Salesforce Classic listing in the App Store has been renamed to SF Classic.  New users who want to download the legacy Salesforce mobile app can find it by searching for either SF Classic or Salesforce Classic.
This change has no impact on existing Salesforce Classic for iOS users.

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