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Chatter Group Email: How to allow users to post to Chatter Groups via Email?

Knowledge Article Number 000188545
With Spring 14, Email to Post to Chatter Groups is now Generally Available. Users can post to groups by sending emails from the email address associated with their Salesforce account. By default, this preference is turned off for your organization.
1. From Setup, click Setup| Customize| Chatter| Email Settings

2. Select Allow Posts via Email to allow users to post to groups using email.

3. Click Save.

Activating this feature will add a "Post by Email" link on the left navigation panel in all Chatter groups. This link contains an automatically generated email service address that is unique for every Chatter group in the org. Users can send email messages to this address to create new Chatter posts. Also, users will be able to reply to Chatter email notifications and add a new comment to an existing Chatter thread (email notifications will have a "reply to this post" reminder at the bottom).

For security this feature uses enhanced mail authentication for the incoming emails.

1. The senders email must match only one user email address within the Chatter Group.  The Org can have Salesforce users with duplicate email addresses, however if two Chatter Group members have the same email address, their inbound Chatter email post will be blocked.
2. The feature only allows e-mails that can verify the sender via:
  • a. The domain owner’s Sender Policy Framework (SPF), or
  • b. SenderID, or
  • c. DomainKeys.
It requires that each e-mail passes at least one of the security protocols above and that it does not fail any.

To check if your domain is using SPF which is the most popular security framework from a command prompt use dig or nslookup such as:  nslookup -q=txt  or dig txt.  You can also check SPF for your domain using online tools such as mxtoolbox.

If you encounter any issues while enabling this feature, please log a case with support.

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