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Radian6 - Engagement Console - Deleting Tweets

Knowledge Article Number 000192817
Description Can Tweets sent from the Engagement Console be deleted without going to Twitter to delete them?
Resolution Tweets made from a Twitter Managed Account can be deleted from the Engagement Console. Deleting the Tweet from the Twitter Managed Account stack will also remove the Tweet from Twitter.


To delete a Tweet made from a Twitter Managed Account

1. Select the Tweet in the Twitter Managed Account stack.
2. Right click to open the menu options.
3. Click Delete.
You must have access to the Twitter Managed Account with permission to delete in order to complete this action.
4. When the request is successfully sent to Twitter from the Engagement Console to delete the Tweet, the stack refreshes,  the post is deleted from Twitter, and a note is posted beneath the Tweet in the Engagement Console indicating that it is deleted.

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