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How to use Workflow Rules to Map a Single Lead Field to More Than One Object

Knowledge Article Number 000192849
Description Businesses may have a requirement to map a single field on the Lead Object so that when the lead is converted that field maps to more than one object.
Resolution This work around requires Workflow Rules. From the Setup Menu, type in Workflow in the Quick Find search box, then:
  1. Decide which Lead field needs to be converted and mapped to more than one object
  2. Create a custom field with the exact parameters as the field selected in Step 1.  It is important to match the parameters exactly on these fields (i.e. Text field Length, Number/Currency field Decimal values, picklist values, etc.)
  3. Create a workflow rule that will trigger every time the record is created or edited with the following criteria
    • Created Date    NOT EQUAL TO     {Leave Blank}
  4. Create a new field update and associate that field update to the workflow rule created in Step 3.  This field update will use a formula to set it's new value.  In order to create the formula, click the formula editor. Then select the field created in Step 2 to update and the field in Step 1 in the formula section.
    • Note: You may need to create multiple field updates for each value of picklist fields.
  5. Activate the workflow rule.  You may consider doing a mass update via the API to trigger this workflow rule which will copy the value of the Step 1 field to the Step 2 field.  This will allow you to ensure current values are always up to date at the time of implementation.  
  6. Map the field in Step 2 to the additional field you want to map to on the separate object.
  7. Repeat this process for any other fields you want to map to multiple objects.
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