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Sandbox User email addresses appended with after refresh

Knowledge Article Number 000193090

If you notice that your Sandbox Email addresses associated to User records now have "" appended to them post refresh, don't worry. This is expected behavior for any Sandbox Organization that's been refreshed. Learn why below. 

Each time you refresh a Sandbox, all User email addresses are modified to use an example domain so that Production Users don’t receive automatically generated email messages from the Sandbox (like notifications from triggered Workflow or Process Builders).

The User that initiates the Sandbox Refresh will have the same email and password as they have in Production, and will receive a notification once complete.

Change from previous releases ( email format)

In previously releases, Sandbox email addresses used the format<sandboxname>

Currently, Sandbox email addresses are automatically updated to use the format after refresh.

For example:

  • Previous -
  • Current -


Why use ""?

The domain "" is a special use domain that was set aside by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for special purposes such as documentation, and it cannot be registered or transferred.

To learn more, visit and click More Information.

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